Hawaii volcano's 3 weeks of hot lava and toxic air -- with no end in sight


Memorial day with sun and clouds the high getting up to seventy eight i'm accuweather meteorologist dean devore's w w j nine fifty currently it is beautiful out there pretty comfortable sunshine fifty six degrees how on newsradio nine fifty w w good morning thank you for joining us i'm roberta just saying it on tom jordan these are the top stories on w w j at seven fifty w w j's charlie langton is on the scene of a developing story in farmington hills where a pickup truck crashed right into the front of a house on shy awazi farmington hills and now it looks like the driver just half out of the wreckage and took off running because he's nowhere to be found police believe they know who he is and they are working on a search warrant no one inside the house was hurt their bedrooms are all in the back of the house but there is really extensive damage hawaii is preparing for possible mass evacuations near the killer way of all k know emergency officials are concerned about lava that is entering the property of a geothermal plant on the big island they are concerned it could trigger the release of deadly hydrogen sulfide gas cbs news correspondent mark strassmann is in couple hawaii of the twenty two identified fisher's a half dozen remain active and one in particular has pushed lava onto the grounds of a neighboring geothermal plant and boy has there been a scramble to make that plant safe lava has destroyed nearly fifty buildings including one near the plan since the eruption began about three weeks ago scary moments for some fishermen on the saint clair river near port huron witnesses say a freighter almost smash right into the sea wall along the thomas edison parkway import huron late monday in the dark forty two year old chad rickard a port huron posting video on his facebook he says the freighter went sideways in the middle of the river and then came straight toward the wall his video has been viewed on facebook thousands of times the shipping company says yeah it was a close call in incorrect command was given want to see that facebook video it's posted on chad records facebook r i c k e r t w w j news time seven fifty two van who's in middle school and rochester high school will be back open for class today after an expert deemed cisco.

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