Don't eat romaine lettuce, CDC now warns amid E. coli outbreak


And vomiting the centers for disease control has expanded its warning about tainted romaine that may have come from yuma arizona previously the cdc had only warned against chopped romaine by itself or as part of salads and salad mixes but they're now extending the risk to heads or hearts of romaine lettuce so far the outbreak has infected fifty three people in sixteen states at least thirty one have been hospitalized including five with kidney failure restaurants and retailers were warned not to serve or sell romain lettuce from yuma and anyone who might have some in the refrigerator should throw it out bugs bunny's come to abu dhabi a one billion dollar indoor warner brothers amusement park is set to open this july the hope is the draw of the warner brothers brand which includes everything from cartoons to comic books and movies will help abu dhabi overcome the challenges faced by other theme parks in the emirates including a dubai park that lost three hundred million dollars last year being insight helps that's because summertime temps easily reach above one hundred four degrees fahrenheit with high humidity the large park looks like a big box department store from the outside though it's bright yellow paint and massive stencils of tweety bird and other characters give it away inside the park is separated into bedrock from the flintstones superman's metropolis batmans gotham city cartoon junction and yosemite sam's dynamite.

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