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And let someone else decide whether whether obama should be indicted a run from office and what what what trump did by selecting jeff sessions hey created the number in which sessions having been part of the campaign could not investigate the russian involvement in the campaign because sessions was part of the campaign and so he appointed a fool who could not be the attorney general that man everything fell in the lap number two which is rod rosenstein and that guy is out to get trump and then he appoints mower who appoint sixteen or seventeen socalled experts in white collar crime and fraud the great majority of whom have given money to the democrats including andrew weisman who is molars top assistant and so the entire control of this thing has been given over to the clintonistas one can imagine how the media would handle this if this was the obama administration and bush had wiretapped obama bush had wiretap to transition of obama and trump and bush had caused the investigation and the transition to be under wiretaps one can imagine what the media done with that and so the answer is yes he's got the power to fire sessions he's got the power to fire rosenstein and dammit he should tell sessions to tell rod rosenstein houma work for the president you guys have got to comply with those subpoenas and not to do service a farce thank you for your call let's continue we have randy in california randy in california welcome to the bill cunningham show randy go ahead no you're talking about political power you know when there was talk of getting rid of sessions who jumped up in his defense lindsey graham told them even have political hell to pay if he fired him when he was talking about getting rid of mueller comes lindsey graham again saying if you fire him this will be the beginning of end of your presidency lindsey graham worst enemy trump has got can you imagine a democrat putting up this.

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