4 Financial Tips Freelancers Should Keep In Mind


Not be deductible anymore however if he takes the money out of his traditional ira to pay the fee he takes the money out tax free as i just said if he pulls the money out for just about anything else it's going to be taxable so here's the way to think about a folks well technically this is not a tax deduction many are already saying it's a quivalent to a tax deduction because the pretax money pulled out of the ira to pay the fee on the ira is free from taxes just as it would be deductible under the old miscellaneous itemized deduction which is no longer available so i know it's a little tricky to say that folks but we are advising people that if if you were paying your fees prior to this year for your ira out of your taxable accounts we do not recommend doing that anymore because it's not the doctoral but pull it out of the ira itself in a comes out tax free and that that's a good deal taken right out inside of the ira no taxable distribution so it's not treated like you withdrew the amount of money to pay for your fee pay tax on it and then get up early penalty that doesn't happen the

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