How China and the US Are Spawning a New Great Power Naval Rivalry


A nuclear powered aircraft carrier mission's off africa or anywhere around the world because otherwise why would you go to the trouble putting a nuclear power plant on a ship if you didn't want that huge advantage anyway the second chinese carriers have see china is not a naval power at this moment compared to other regional powers in the south china sea they are however compared to the us navy they are not but find me in ten years will be definitely having a different discussion so the chinese now with a second aircraft carrier not yet operational but starting at sea tests today undoubtedly it'll be under close observation by by local navy's when we come back what did the egg heads theorize dropping a actual atomic bomb in japan would actually be in may of nineteen fortyfive only three months away from doing it they were still having meetings i'll read you some of the minutes the meeting from may tenth nineteen forty five here in just a minute so dark secret place brian suits back in the second kfi am six forty more stimulating talk michael should pay with the news a free trial conferences set for wednesday in downtown la connected with bill nye lawsuit against the walt disney company the popular science guy host claims burbank based studio improperly held on the millions of dollars in profits related to his tv show eruption of the killer way of volcano in the pacific ring of fire in hawaii has experts looking a little closer at volcanic peaks here on the west coast that are also part of the geologically active region the west coast is home to a chain of thirteen volcanoes from washington's mount baker to lassen peak here in california nasa planning to send a tiny autonomous helicopter tomorrow on its next rover mission to the red planet the space agency announced yesterday the helicopter will be carried aboard the mars twenty twenty rover we'll check out the forecast and the drive on the freeways nex ms rpm invoice list price dealer price toby knapp here if your car shopping you've probably heard these terms but what do they mean it's so confusing it was confusing not.

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