Malaysia's Mahathir Says Enough Evidence to Reopen 1MDB Probe


And the ad council trump has declared a major disaster in hawaii as the big island grapples with the aftermath of all canada corruption hawaii county civil defense administrator talmadge magnum says residents need to take precautions around falling ash carter stay in your car you drive carefully get through that area if you had home close your own home up after the ashes clear or through falling check your water systems and so forth us fighter jets have intercepted two russian bombers in international airspace off the coast of alaska correspondent ryan brown reports the pentagon is monitoring the situation overly concerned about this it could be that russia's attempting to retrain its pilots to conduct additional training but it has been some time and they'll be looking to see it russia continues these kind of probing activities in the near future the russian aircraft never entered us airspace i'm ann cates and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters in malaysia prime minister mahat here muhammad moved swiftly against his predecessor najib razak this just days after his shock election win najib is banned from leaving the country and mahatma is planning to reopen a probe into a multibillion dollar scandal at the state fund that najeib helped to set up tesla's engineering chief needs a little time off doug field a senior vice president is taking the time to recharge now the tusla chairman and ceo elon musk brushed him aside and took over production responsibilities during the difficult ramp up of the model three sedan a spokesman for the company says field hasn't left tesla walmart has settled a.

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