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Between three thirty and five thirty pm another one hundred thirty five thousand georgians will fly crews or take a train somewhere a bear attack brings out the momma bear and a colorado woman mother's day morning she hurt her five year old daughter screaming outside their home in mesa county the mother went outside and saw her daughter in the bear had its jaws around the daughter was dragging her away so the mother begin to scream at the bear the bear dropped a little girl and ran off the girl is hospitalized now in fair condition in family says she is expected to be okay mic porous with colorado parks and wildlife says this is the time of year that bears are waking up from hibernation and looking for food wsb news time five eleven so fortunate that minutes after five o'clock at the bare pated it's time now to bring up speed weather traffic wsb meteorologist kirk mellish joins us live once again after i think we cracked record on sunday can we do it again today yeah i think we certainly can the record for today is ninety one set back in eighteen eighty one and i think we should be a degree or to either side of that this afternoon with a mix of clouds and sunshine low tonight sixty six tomorrow a fifty percent chance of showers thunder storm high eighty one wednesday mostly cloudy a shower thunderstorm eighty percent likely high eighty one low sixty six recapping the forecast for today a mix of clouds and sunshine afternoon and unseasonably hot high around ninety one there is a air quality alerts code orange for sensitive groups again for today wakeup temperatures alfred.

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