DNA from tissue in trash led to arrest in Golden State Killer case, records show


Seven pages of documents were unsealed friday in detail how thirties gathered the evidence that led them to joseph di angelo the man they say is responsible for more than fifty rapes in at least a dozen murders after authorities identified identify dangelo is a suspect using genealogy websites the warrant says dna from a piece of tissue thrown in his trash can was then compared to dna collected from some of the golden state killer crime scenes that led police to put cuffs on the angelo who now faces several murder charges this is abc news four here the saturday morning good have you whether it's let's see how those roads our aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours john nelson you're going to be busy today i know this isn't a bad dream this is really happening i five is completely closed between the west seattle bridge and the convention center and right now is a good time to be on the roads but yeah it's gonna get messy later on throughout the day we already have a couple of problems to tell you about we have an accident blocking the left lane five twelve eastbound near portland avenue that's car versus deer collision waiting on a tow truck and we got some debris in the roadway northbound i five highway eighteen that is taking up the left center lane also watch out for a stall vehicle into urban avenue right around grady weight has taken up the right lane i'm john nelson are next komo traffic at six fourteen looking at our forecast today was somebody events here planned around the greater seattle area adding to the limitations on roy travel for sunny periods for saturday with occasional clouds you're seventy four for the high.

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