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For five years now no one has come forward a vicious predator setup a fatal ambush waiting patiently for that police officer why police haven't released any information why i don't know but somebody had been following officer jason ellis for some period of time to know where he would be going home at two am in the morning on that on an exit ramp somebody knew something so i hope at some point it comes out when i see the pictures of his canine off fellow canine officer at his casket standing at attention when i see jason's wife and two little boys standing there crime i'm thinking why isn't as a bigger story in fact wherever if you're in washington new jersey ohio california illinois you probably have heard nothing nothing about jason ellis but you know all about michael brown now all about the strong know all about michael brown hands up don't shoot because that fit the perspectives of the mainstream media the mainstream media wanted to get the cops wanted to get darren wanted to get the the cops in ferguson in saint louis they wanted to get the cops so it had this little short clown talking about hey hands up don't shoot that was approval lie but it took a few months for the evidence to come out to prove the fbi under the leadership of loretta lynch came out with that information modern era him jerry colder so but the riots ensued based upon a lie and so i i wanna know that officer as lost his job riots ensued it with you you've not heard the name i bet of police officer jason ellis who was executed on an exit ramp at two o'clock in the morning going home does wife and family know nothing about because it wasn't covered these things happened to cops all the time and they're not covered it doesn't fit the mainstream media buys against cops us continue flying becomes available eight six six six four seven seven three three seven phil cunningham the great american live with you every sunday night.

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