NBA Finals: Draymond Green pleased that Tristan Thompson avoided suspension


The place for the capitals in dc gained three the stanley cup final camps and golden knights series tied at one nba finals tristan thompson of the cast says there no surprises with golden state instigator draymond green they were giada jaw at the end of game one doesn't really bother me at all himself look crazy but that's what he does that's what he brings to this team that's his that's what makes it valuable to the war in terms of bringing that toughness in grit so i don't blame them ever team is a guy like that warriors play thompson questionable with a sprained ankle game tomorrow night on abc can hear it on espn radio packers linebacker clay matthews broke his nose in a charity softball game wind drive off the face he says he'll be fine the warriors win game one of the nba finals how will the cavs respond in game two you find out tomorrow at seven eastern on espn radio and on abc presented by.

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