DNA on tissue led police to Golden State Killer


The client cbs news correspondent arrow barnett has read the letter is published in the new york times john dowden j sexual provide the outline of a potential defense should the sitting president be compelled to testify they suggest as president mr trump cannot obstruct justice since he has the authority to terminate the investigation and use his pardon power if he so desired critics say mr trump is trying to put himself above the law in new york city hundreds of people to march across the brooklyn bridge to protest gun violence many of the marchers were young people who say they sometimes fear for their lives even in school court documents just made public show how prosecutors named joseph di angelo is the spa is suspected golden state killer investigators narrow their search by cross referencing crime scene dna with a genetic database on genealogical website then they collected the angelo's dna from a tissue he threw in the trash retired new york police sergeant joseph jack alone if you put your trash out on the curb you throws a cigarette butt on the floor that's a call the bandon property and the police can come and collect it and they can test it and they can use that against you and he says the samples are fair game in court officials say florida sheriff's deputy has been fired for social media posts that made racially charged remarks including a post about former first lady the palm beach post reports the jason van dusan's been terminated as a palm beach sheriff's office deputy the post that led to his firing include one on twitter displaying a photo of michelle obama next to one depicting a planet of the apes character this is cbs news dell small business technology advisors no there's nothing small about your business they provide one on one partnership and reliable dell pc's with intel core processors to get business done call eight seven seven.

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