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Then in nineteen ninety nine an opposition was finally formed a viable opposition and it was quite clear after nineteen years of of mugabe's rule that mugabe would be out of power when it came to elections so what mugabe did was he put together a referendum to change the constitution entrenches power the people were given the carrots of you're gonna get land for free if you've yes for this constitution of course nothing is free the land was to be seized from zimbabwe's white farmers and the people voted against the constitution and that was a real shock for mugabe and he realized that he was gonna do everything possible to ensure that the people were intimidated ahead of the election in two thousand so the opposition didn't come into power that's when all hell was that loose within two weeks of the result of that referendum which mugabe lost we had from invasions all over the country it was well than is including on the farm of ben's inlaws which he farmed with them and thousands of others and mugabe interest that was done in a violent way and the police were under very strict instructions not to help us and we suddenly realized what it was like to live without laura without the rule of law protecting us any longer and when we come back more this remarkable story our rule of law series what happens when a country abandons property rights and the rule of.

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