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George and Barbara Bush, a 'storybook' 73-year marriage

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I'm steve brown a federal judge in new york is expected to hear more arguments about president trump's extraordinary requests that he'd be allowed to review records seized from his lawyer's office before they are examined by prosecutors the president was still steaming on sunday about fbi raids targeting his personal attorney michael cohen prosecutors said is being investigated for an undisclosed crime related to his personal business dealings president trump is renewing his attacks on james komi after the former fbi director i interview on his forthcoming memoir the president labels komi disgruntled and accuses him and others of having committed many crimes the head of starbucks is in philadelphia hoping to meet with the two black men who were arrested after store employees called nine one one to say that they were trespassing starbucks ceo tells abc's good morning america he will meet with the mayor police and hopefully the men who were arrested thursday and later released you're listening to here now next time on the world ireland's antiabortion law it's among the toughest in europe and next month irish voters decide whether to repeal it campaigners are busy yes folks should be boring a thirteen year old got pregnant you know we're both coming at it from different angles here as irish voters decide whether to end the ban on abortion it's the world and the world comes your way.

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