Former President George H.W. Bush Recovering from Infection


On the street or in your workplace and democratic senator mark warner of virginia warning bankers today that legislation rolling back financial rules that were put in place after the economic crisis in two thousand eight are just not going to pass if it comes back to the senate for yet another vote house republicans want to amend senate passed legislation that would provide regulatory relief for banks next money update coming your way on komo and a half hour president trump weighing in on the attack in toronto yesterday with an expression of sympathy abc's karen travers at the white house with the latest president trump began his remarks at an arrival ceremony for french president macron by expressing his sympathies to the canadian people calling monday's attack in toronto a horrendous tragedy dr hearts are with the grieving families in canada in a statement last night the white house pledged to provide any support canada may need as they deal with this attack karen travers abc news the white house new allegations against rear admiral ronnie jackson have prompted the senate to postpone their confirmation hearing for president trump's nominee to become the next secretary of veterans affairs here's abc's lana zak on capitol hill we've postponed the hearing there are some things we need to check into it for more fully vet out the admiral jackson senator jon tester the ranking member on veteran's affairs explains the committee's bipartisan decision to postpone wednesday's scheduled nomination hearing for the new head of the va ask them questions and we're following up on a lot of claims that have been made in a statement the white house is standing by their nominee who currently serves as president trump's white house physician on zak abc news capitol hill former president george h w bush said to be recovering at a houston hospital from a blood infection he was admitted just a day after his wife and former first lady barbara bush was interred abc's ryan burrow with more from houston statement from family spokesman jim mcgrath says the forty first president still wants to go to maine this summer graph calling former president george hw bush quote the most goal oriented person on the planet and i would not bet against him and quotes last week former florida governor jeb bush had this to say about the health of his father he's physically better than he was a month ago danny's in and out mentally.

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