Tom Brokaw Accused of Sexual Harassment By Former NBC Anchor


And duck football and basketball we are news talk five ninety k g an eugene springfield me emerald empire walking into history another newsman accused i'm elliot francis the leaders of north and south korea are literally taking historic steps this morning and to each leaders country steps that could lead to peace on the korean peninsula correspondent paula hancocks reports the first time that we have seen the north korean leader kim jong un this kind of setting we are seeing how he deals with this kind of international media spotlight and and certainly we we've seen him playing it fairly smoothly up until this point he took the hand of president moon jae in and said let's go back across the border we assume that's what he said and then they step back into the the northern side all the dmz fifteen hours of deliberation a jury found bill cosby guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault thursday for drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand year comedian faces up to ten years in prison on each count which may be served concurrently a sentencing hearing has not yet been scheduled well another big name from nbc news is facing sexual harassment allegations sierra crawford has detail woman who once worked as a war correspondent for nbc news as accused tom brokaw the us top tv newsman for much of his career of sexual misconduct according to the washington post and variety linda investor claims while she was a young journalist trying to rise through the ranks in the nineteen nineties the legendary news anchor tried to forcibly kiss her on two occasions and that he groped her and showed it to her hotel room uninvited this seventy eight year old is denying allegations saying their meetings were brief cordial inappropriate while esther says she's speaking out now because quote nbc news has failed to hire outside counsel to investigate a genuine longstanding problem of sexual misconduct in the news division i'm sierra crawford senate judiciary committee passed a bill to protect special counsel robert muller's job on a vote of fourteen to seven now all is ron senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who.

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