Condoleezza Rice commission on college basketball recommends sweeping reform


Commission on college basketball and and man i i don't know about you i been i've been waiting to find out what their recommendations we're going to be the commission on college basketball came out with their recommendations yesterday the commission chairman and a former secretary of state condoleeza rice talked at length at a news conference yesterday after their independent panel released a detailed sixty page reports the commission on college basketball by the way was was cobbled together after basically the f b i stepped in the college basketball was like dude you guys got to clean your house up so the president of the incidental a march emerson said okay fine we're going to we're going to create this commission on college basketball and we're going to hear what their their recommendations are in we we may or may not act on them so here let's hear from condoleeza rice she believes she believes more than anything else college basketball we need to put the college back in college basketball we believe in the collegiate model if you are an athlete and you want to be a professional going to be a professional that pathway is open but if you choose to go to college then take the value proposition that is college and that means that you get an opportunity to earn a college.

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