Florida man accused of killing pregnant wife, trying to cut up body


Acknowledge those who donate blood but there's also a message for non donors komo's gregg hersholt reports the recent harris poll found about thirty percent of those who don't donate blood or afraid that the needle will cause pain bloodworks northwest president dr james audubon says would like to make it very clear that the needle that we use in blood collection are specially produced they are examined under a microscope or sterilized and they are coated with a special silicon coating so they slided easily they don't hurt they're not the same as needles that you encounter when you go to your doctor's office to have a blood test he says the summer months present a challenge because donations typically drop into summer vacations and normal routines being disrupted the doctor is hoping that today's world blood donor day will serve as a motivation for people to donate with a particular need right now for platelets gregg hersholt komo news the pierce county health department confirming another case of hepatitis c that could be linked to eight other cases at good samaritan hospital in puyallup health officials say it's still unclear how that virus spread none of the patients have a connection to one another except for receiving an injection from the same nurse in the emergency room the attorney for that nurse corps awebber claims that she does not have hepatitis a mason county man admits to nine one one operators that he beat his wife so severely that she died several days later komo's keith eldridge says the husband is jailed while the tech does look for evidence around his collins lake home the strongest piece of evidence that nine one one call from stuart sullivan where he said about his wife i beat the hell out of her a couple of days ago and i think she just died sullivan went before a judge fact a six year old is accused of first degree murder the prosecutor said it was because of what he called extreme indifference to human life when the nine one one operator asked what sullivan had used to beat his wife he said everything i suppose she got beat up bad this circumstance to me is one of those is an absolute tragedy and depending on investigation plays we'll know more about the time span that time link on that sullivan held in jail and a half million dollars bail into who you keith eldridge.

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