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Fifty the live look at your money with adrienne mitchell like chris hbo is getting some more cash see incoming head of a ts entertainment division says he expects to boost spending on hbo original programming now that at and t has bought time warner and rebranded it as warner media phone company veteran john stanky will head hbo warner brothers and turner broadcasting apple has said the iphone ten was the top seller in the first quarter but analysts say it still sells more of it's cheaper lcd models as consumers balk at paying a thousand dollars the wall street journal reports the trend is expected to continue so the switch to new led screens won't be as quick as expected investors were gobbling up stock in the cheesecake factory the calabasas based restaurant chain saw its market cap zora hundred fifty eight and a half million dollars on the day shares added almost six percent the gains came after rumors that a private equity firm might want to require cheesecake and take it private on wall street concerned about trade sang stunk says president trump announced a list of fifty billion dollars in chinese goods to be targeted for tariffs in china responded the dow down eightyfive points the nasdaq down fourteen in the snp down three we check your money at twenty and fifty after each hour i'm bloomberg's adrienne mitchell cain extent seventy newsradio question many of us might be pondering is there a scientific reason that foods high in carbs and fat tastes so good you'll find out in ninety seconds it's two fifty one some of the radio stations say they give you the news spend a whole lot more of their time giving you their opinions a whole lot of noise not kanaks we give you the stories that.

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