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We're gonna turn next tonight to a doctor's instincts kicking in while watching hdtv what that surgeon noticed on a woman's neck than reaching out to find her here's eba pilgrim my name is nicole that's nicole mcginnis featured on a recent episode of hdtv's beachfront bargain hunt the thirty one year old was celebrating the end of brain cancer treatment starting a new chapter with a beach house in north carolina wow but one of those viewers dr eric void quickly spotted something a notice that she had a lump in her neck so he turned a facebook to find her recommend she get a sonogram in a biopsy within days this post reaching nicole who went to the doctor and learned she had thyroid cancer doctor boy saw this and run it's mansion and now will be treated for it and it's not the first time in eagleeyed hdtv viewer noticed something and took action in two thousand thirteen a nurse spotted a lump on the neck of tervell mussa stora flipper flop she reached out to el moussa who was diagnosed and successfully treated for cancer aspirin ecole she's optima stick it's just a miracle in my opinion that he happened to see this on television at can't express how grateful and thankful i am david tonight nicole is busy planning her treatment with her doctors and is staying in touch with dr voight david exit doctors eva thank you to be mix of other news tonight the deadly building collapse in philadelphia authorities say construction worker was killed when part of the building came down a second worker escaping the building was being demolished at the time new developments from springfield massachusetts tonight authorities now identifying the bodies of three women found at that home linked to kidnapping suspect stewart weld and all three are women who had been reported missing from the area the case broke wide open when police were called to the home by wellman's own mother the little league scare and sanford maine carol shero in court today now charged with manslaughter she's accused of driving or car out of that field of thorns as she struck and killed a grandfather the judge ordering a mental health evaluation funny tonight here america strong the fourth grader you could barely see him over the piano but everyone could hear that voice.

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