Jets and Stephen Hawking discussed on Science Fantastic Live with Dr. Michio Kaku


The black hole swirl around the north pole and then get shot out the magnetic field to the north pole and they never reach the event horizon that's the key the two jets from the north pole and the south pole emitted from a black hole are outside the event horizon because anything inside the event horizon we'll eventually get crushed and so that answers your question the all the mass falling into a black hole that you see in a movie misses the event horizon swirls around it and then get shot out the north pole or the magnetic softball i should also point out that stephen hawking a bridge this picture of bed he found that the black hole that is the event horizon as surrounds a black hole is actually gray they did actually does emit some radiation call hockey nothing has spectacular as a to just coming out for the north on the south ball but it turns out that a black hole is actually hazy gray it actually does admit some radiation because of quantum mechanics quantum mechanics says that everything is slightly uncertain so blackness he's a state of certainty because you know there's nothing there so blackness violates quantum mechanics therefore it must be gray and hawking showed it using the laws quantum of mechanics that black holes actually do emit some radiation and that radiation is not the jets is an afterglow emitted from a black hole.

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