Study finds rare advance in treatment of pancreatic cancer


In elmont wins news time five fifty are rare gain is being reported in tough to treat pancreatic cancer researchers found that patients with pancreatic cancer that hadn't spread lived substantially longer on a four drug combo than on a single standard cancer drug experts not involved in this study say the results indicate the powerful chemo treatment known as full fear inox will likely become standard of care for the minority of patients whose cancer is diagnosed early enough to be removed by surgery the results were presented at an american society of clinical oncology conference in chicago wins news time five fifty one from the ram traffic center expanded traffic and transit for your rush hour commute here is greg rice to a whole lot worse than usual this is either way on the brooklyn queens expressway getting into atlantic avenue everybody's going extra slow it's worse on the eastbound side or the left lane is still not dealt with a wreck the backups go back along the inbound goal wants from the belt merge westbound heavy from queens boulevard long island expressway in eastbound standstills a woodhaven boulevard with a wreck in the left lane you are slower than you'd like to be from right out of the midtown tunnel eastbound grand central you've got a good out through q gardens it's better after that westbound grand central the worst of that after the clearview south clearview itself is not bad but the cross island is all the way down towards belmont racetrack here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels inbound george good ride to the upper and lower lincoln about twenty five to thirty twenty out holland fifteen to twenty in about fifteen minutes on the outside route three westbound standstill from the eastern spur all the way to route seventeen with a longterm work seventeen southbound route four and parameters that wreck is on the shoulder but delays go all the way back towards ho hocus at this hour long island's big three from top to bottom west.

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