Trump administration ending Hondurans' special immigration status

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Nine hundred ninety nine after hurricane mitch many have since fled to the us to escape violence mark unger a political science professor at brooklyn college says deporting hondurans now would be in the stake sending back there would be disaster for them because the high rates of poverty violence and this will add to the pressure on the country and the conditions which lead to instability and people flying again the trump administration has already ended tps designations for thousands of salvadoran nicaraguan nepalese and haitian nationals windsor johnston npr news washington palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas apologized today for remarks he made earlier this week in speaking to the palestine liberation parliament on monday abbass said jews in europe face persecution before the holocaust because of their function in society including what he described as unfair money london lending in a statement released today a boss said if people were offended especially people of the jewish faith i apologize to them on wall street at this hour the dow is up three hundred seventy eight points this is npr news from news i'm jeremy siegel uc berkeley officials have officially unveiled player plans to build student housing on people's park a long contested piece of land and site for activism the new housing would accommodate about a thousand students and as many as one hundred twenty five homeless people some who currently live in the area a quarter of the park will remain open while opponents to the plan say the park remains relevant uc berkeley spokesman dan mogul off says the space had become rife with crime based on what we're hearing it seems pretty clear that the community now in twenty eight team understands that the status quo really doesn't serve anyone's interest mogul off says the park is among nine sites that will be developed in an effort to alleviate the most severe student housing shortage in the uc system the two year construction effort is expected to begin in twenty twenty oakland city council is set to spend nearly four hundred thousand dollars to install new refillable water bottle stations at more than one hundred district schools the money comes from the city is one cent per ounce tax on sugar sweetened drinks that voters approved in two thousand sixteen and it comes.

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