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Has a short show today at noon friday forum to different people from different walks of life zelda already dan adams got a couple of minutes on the president donald trump let's do it real quick he's got i think he's got a win on north korea south korea potentially should he get the credit then atoms for some of this stuff too too early to say now imagine if obama was doing this people would be jumping up and down why are you talking to this dictator why are you agreeing to the c i would look at it that way i would say i would hope the job i think it would if it works out and and they give up their nukes i mean it will be a noble peace prize type development i agree with dan i think it's too early to tell i think we're so you know there's so much negativity surrounding him that anything that seems promising if people are just like great you know but i think it is too early the tab because we don't know the you know the effects of those conversations if it's going to yield anything so all the stuff swirling around trump to stormy daniels stuff this lawyer michael cohen commies james combing do you think he's gonna run twenty twenty twentyfive sure we'll someone run against them of course and what might that be on the republican side.

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