Subpoena of genealogy website led to wrong man in 'Golden State Killer' probe


The bay area all news one zero six nine am seven forty kcbs coming up on kcbs deputy attorney general rod rosenstein says the justice department won't be extorted it threats that he says have been leveled against him an update from cbs news straight ahead i'm holly pointed san francisco salmon season starts but expect to pay top dollar annual soon be able to cycle or walk on the bay bridge eastern span at all hours more in this coming from our reporter margie schaefer good evening i'm larry sharoni kcbs news time nine thirty one cbs news update russia's special counsel robert muller's team floated the idea of subpoena yang the president last year while negotiating with his attorneys for an interview i had word from his former attorney john dowd constitutional law expert jonathan turley the president is at the heart of some of these allegations he has material evidence that cannot be produced by other witnesses prosecutors don't normally walk away from that type of witness in the new york times got a hold of muller's list of questions he'd like to ask mr trump that infuriated the president cbs's jeff the gays is one line of thought is that this league has one targeted and that is the president and but one purpose and that is to show the president the scope of this muller investigation and the potential legal pitfalls and he could face if he does sit for an interview she bs news update i'm jim shanavie kcbs news time nine thirty two searching for the golden state killer subpoenaed genetic website last year while getting an oregon man court records show vascular is asked to judge to compel the man to provide a dna sample in march of last year after they say information on the genealogical website why search dot org came up as a potential match for dna left at a crime scene the site's owner said the site's owners say it did receive a subpoena that month for information on one user but would not confirm if it was the same man the case prompted privacy concerns after police use dna provided by family member to a genetic database to link a former police officer to the golden state killer case joseph di angelo may i usually marks the start of commercial salmon season the lingering effects of the.

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