Maxine Waters Reacts to Kanye's Praise of Trump: He 'Sometimes Talks Out of Turn'


Okay now meanwhile in other news i just have to comment on nazi water so maxine waters came out yesterday and she was talking about kanye west now i'm growing tired of talking about kanye west i think the kanye west did something great and over the past few days he's been tweeting out quotes from thomas sowell and all of that's really good so i think connie is a political expert no don't think he's political expert but again kudos to conde for attempting to have conversations about politics in a fashion that doesn't fit directly into the jigsaw puzzle that the democrats have built for him he's been saying that you should think for yourself politics he's been saying that we don't have to be stuck on a particular political plantation honestly good for him for saying all of that well maxine waters has had enough the representative from california who is one of the more dole tisch members of congress i mean she is she's really stupid human being matching waters tore into kanye west and here's what she said she said quote khania west is a very creative young man but we also think that sometimes west talks out of turn and perhaps you need some assistance in helping him to formulate some of his thoughts is he kanye west needs maxine waters to guide him because he's stupid we don't think that he actually means to do harm but we're not sure he really understands the impact of what he's saying at the time that he saying it and how that weighs on particularly african american community and for young people in general and then she continued quote i understand that he's getting pushback from a lot of young people on the internet but we're hopeful that his creativity will continue to be demonstrated.

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