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Raton. For John these cases. We're very personal. Not only are you talking about mothers being targeted in the middle of the day in broad daylight in public places. This is south Florida. He is then Florida resident for a long, long time. Anybody in south Florida knows the Walsh family and what they went through and can connect with his personal story. When Hugh heard about this, he wanted to go out there and meet personally with the people who are connected with this case law enforcement, the victims victims, family members. John wall visited the park where Randy gore Burks killer left the body. Standing next to the sheriff of Palm Beach county Walsh declared. He believes a serial killer was responsible for the slayings. Call the killer a monster. Angeline Hartmann remembers how the show considered, whether that term would be used on the show. She said the show didn't take the use of the term lightly. At the time of the show. We were careful to use the word serial killer. We always are because we know that that raises alarms for people. You know, law enforcement is very careful not to use the word, serial killer lightly. John Walsh knows what happens when that word in used when that term is used. So he doesn't use that term lightly either. But that's what he felt in his gut. He's calling it like he sees it. And he has experience to say that and he speaking from the heart, he's looked at the evidence. He's talked to people. He's talked on force -ment. There's too many similarities to not say, you know to make this call, and so it's not that far fetched. It's just that at the time, John Walsh. You know, have the guts to use those words and just come out and say, I think this is the work of the serial killer, and that's not the first time he's done that he's worked on other cases throughout his tenure at America's most wanted. We're law enforcement wouldn't say something, and he just went ahead and set it years later. He was proven to be right. John Walsh me of drawing those conclusions, but local authorities were not making that leap. Why? In the case of serial killers, it usually involves a string of killings and multiple attacks. Investigators on the task force felt certain that the bukiet murders were connected to the August seventh kidnapping, but the victims in August. We're not killed. The rainy gourmet case detectives had not found forensic evidence that linked her to the others. Boca Raton police, captain Matthew, Doug remembers reaching that point in the investigation. We got to the point where we were able to forensically link off three cases. We could absolutely lent Jane Doe case in August and the December homicides of Nancy and Joey. For the police. There wasn't enough proof to declare the attacks, the work of a serial killer. The task force was disbanded in two thousand nine. Poker tone police and the sheriff's department continued their separate investigations of the cases while staying in touch with each other. Detect the Springer says, investigators haven't entirely abandoned the idea of a single attacker because it's still a possibility to this day. You can't say they aren't. You can't say the, I mean when you got three women. The only difference is that Randy didn't have a small child. Maybe this was there. I attempt at ducting woman the mall, and they really didn't plan it that they just saw this wealthy woman getting into high end SUV and figure. This is a good target. The investigation into rainy gore Burks killing has led the -tective from one dead end to another. Some of the police theories about the Gorn bird case have played out publicly. Not long after Randy was killed. The sheriff's office had turned into tension to members of Randy's family. Focusing on her husband and son, and making a stunning claims. That infuriated the golden Burkes. One

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