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U.S. child migrant policy ‘wrong,’ says Trudeau; Trump changes course


Meet with russian president vladimir putin during trump's visit to europe next month that's according to people familiar with the matter to possibilities for the meeting are either before the nato summit in brussels on july eleventh or after trump's visit to britain on july thirteenth secretary of state mike pompeo may visit north korea this weekend or next week that's according to yonhap canadian prime minister justin trudeau says marijuana will be legal nationwide starting october seventeenth we will soon have a new system in place one that keeps cannabis out of the hands of our kids and keeps prophets away from organized crime canada becomes the second country to legalize recreational pot behind german chancellor angela merkel's will meet with a group of european leaders in brussels on sunday to try to find a way forward on migration policy bloomberg's patrick donohue has more from berlin the minisummit is in response to increasing political pressure on medical and others to act the german leaders especially facing opposition at home from her bavarian allies to forge bilateral agreements on returning asylum seekers registered elsewhere the split has caused government crisis in berlin the sunday meeting is less than a week before a crucial e u summit in the belgian capital at the end of june in berlin patrick donahue bloomberg radio global news twenty four hours a day on aaron at tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm michael barr this is bloomberg bob thank you michael eight is now five zero nine on wall street and that is.

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