Key dates for the San Francisco 49ers over the next 10 months


Grab that umbrella today be careful out there showers and thunderstorms some with some pretty heavy downpours moving through first thing this morning then some sunshine this afternoon high today seventy six degrees right now the dow futures are up more than one hundred points we'll check your money a half ww news time is five forty six we're gonna tonio tease look at sports hey tony hey tom and roberta good morning home runs from joey votto and billy hamilton helped propel the reds to a nine to five victory over the tigers in last night's opener of that interleague series in cincinnati rough night four pair of tiger pitchers as mac boyd was rocked for five runs six hits and three walks in just four innings of work or lever drew verhagen meanwhile would suffer a broken nose when he was hit in the face by the baseball while covering first base in the seventh inning for hagan expected to be placed on the disabled list by team officials before this afternoon's series finale against the reds according to sports illustrated's nfl writer albert breer the lions were one of four nfl teams that were contacted by new england patriots officials just before april's nfl draft took place about a possible trade involving pro bowl tight end rob gronkowski shopping gronk to the entirely but there were some teams they trust that i know that they talked to detroit and the houston ever cisco guys can make connections their connection is that all four of those teams have either a head coach or key front office personnel that have worked with the patriots organization and or head coach bill belichick in the past with sports.

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