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Thurman cbs news mcallen texas on the floor of the united states house of representatives will the gentlemen suspend per rule seventeen of the house democratic congressman ted lieu playing audio of children crying in a detention center ruled out of order president trump calls democrats reactions phony like this one from senator steny hoyer he's taking infant children hostage wrenching them from the arms of their parents a lawyer for immigrant children who say they were cuffed and beaten inside virginia detention facility says they plan to press forward with the federal civil rights lawsuit even though two of the teens are no longer in the united states the washington committee for civil rights and urban affairs says to the unnamed teens are now out of the country may not be available to testify third teenager is still in federal custody the president today offering what he calls the other side of the immigration story at the white house introducing families of victims of violence allegedly at the hands of immigrants here illegally we call these brave americans the angel families angel mom's angel pops these are the angel families your loss will not have been in vain we will secure our borders americans don't agree on a lot of things these days but here's one on which most of us do new survey of associated press strong majorities of americans in both parties believe a president should not self pardon if charged with a crime if a president should do so three quarters of republicans and more than nine in ten democrats believe that congress should impeach that president the dow is up one hundred nineteen points in trading today nasdaq loses twenty now.

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