Labor Unions Will Be Smaller After Supreme Court Decision, but Maybe Not Weaker


The town hall in spokane to talk about how state and local resources can work together to improve forest health hundreds of people gathered outside harborview medical center last night to protest yesterday's supreme court decision that public employee unions can no longer require non union members to pay dues komo's jennifer sullivan was there for the hundreds who gathered here the supreme court decision was something ready for this decision has been in the worst for a while we know that there's large wealthy individuals corporations that for a long time have been coming after union what skied her colleagues and king county leaders promised and they're not gonna let his break unions this is a direct attack and how dr unions are funded matter supreme court will go down in history as the worst for human and civil rights the five four ruling finds it public employee unions teachers police officers firefighters and government workers can no longer require non members there's been a disturbing increase in the number of reported pot poisoning children across the state we saw a spike that we didn't say in the other age groups in very young children in the span of a single year the washington poison center received a nearly fifty eight percent increase in people reporting their young child had ingested pot what's unclear is whether more kids are actually getting sick since we became legal for adults or parents feel more comfortable asking for help doctors say.

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