Toy Story Land is almost open at Walt Disney World and we want to go there


To extend the four o eight closer to the space coast are likely to be paused the central florida expressway authority expected to recommend that to the board tomorrow this man is a property rights and says on until a projects completely killed which rarely happens i can anybody really resonate totally easy next spring the state will study the potential effects of putting toll lanes down the center of colonial drive the expressway thirty wants to see the results of that before going forward with expanding to four zero eight and we got a preview today of what the new toy story land has to offer down to walt disneyworld i've got a chance to speak with roger gould creative director of the theme parks that pixar to learn more about the idea behind the new lands in a toy story land the idea is that music guest or honorary poise your shrunk down to the size of a toy and everything is going to be gigantic toy story land is eleven acres and features two new attraction slinky dog and the swirling saucers i'm linda.

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