Terry Rozier says Boston Celtics 'needed to get our butts whooped'


We talked about it and i went to a break and i told you why there was talk of a boston celtics rear in and it's everything that i wanted to love about a here's terry rozier after the celtics got what the cavs in post game needed we need to get our buzzword no connects reality and take care of business and i love that right we need to get our butts because it leads me to what draymond green of the warriors had to say on their off days before they get ready for the rockets here's what draymond green had to say this was this at our best game why we felt threatened we came out with the sense of urgency game to we maybe didn't feel and assessors who wasn't there so the you're allow one of those a series we've got one for the reminder to serves draymond green talking about it marcus spears quote we needed to get threatened rosiere talking about we needed to get our but what what i love about those two soundbites is because it makes the nba predictable it lets me know now that now that gambling is going to be legal in some of the states that i can go out there and bet the farm and i know exactly what's going to happen based on the effort that they're going to give there was no doubt that the cavaliers were going to beat the celtics last night and there is no doubt in my mind because of that millennial mindset in front frankly the celtics out that they can just roll out there and go hey guess what if we we we lose we lose oh well now it matters okay now now i'm going to care now it's a series that the cavs one they thought they could sleepwalking it's predictable to me that that was going to happen it's predictable to me that the golden state warriors were absolutely slaughter slaughter the rockets later on tonight you know why because golden state will care tonight golden state will show up not like they did in game two and they'll say all right you have our attention they're bored and that's an into a certain extent that's what i love about it spears you're finally going to get a game in which both the rockets and more importantly the warriors care about what happens tonight what does your stupid that's just that's.

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