The Latest: Hundreds protest Trump's visit to Nevada


The northwest only twenty four hour news station she says he was asked to leave a restaurant in lexington virginia last night says white house press secretary sarah sanders on twitter the restaurant owner stephanie wilkinson saying that she consulted employees first abc's tell tara palmeri at the white house the owner telling the washington post she asked her to leave on moral grounds including separating immigrant family today sanders tweeting last night i was told by the owner of red hen in lexington virginia to leave because i worked proponents and i play it left her action say far more about her than about me genders boston the past hours endorsing nevada republican candidates in las vegas we have to have strong borders we're going to have the wall we're gonna have the world we've already started the president declaring that he and north korea's leader have a great chemistry in calling democrats pathetically weak on border issues democratic lawmakers are visiting immigrant children separated from adults by president trump's just reversed policy they say a camp in homestead florida seems nice but not one near the texas mexico border chuck's iverson abc news stay connected stay informed komo news good afternoon four thirty one from the komo twenty four hour news center i'm jeff pohjola here's what we're following a small plane crash this afternoon at harvey field in snohomish county on the plane went through a fence and then hit a car on airport way everyone's okay fortunately the three people in that plane the person in the car not hurt here at all deputies also say only minor damage to the plane and the car the sheriff's office now investigating says airport way right now i'm going to be closed for some time michelle esteban investigators try to understand why young boy was riding a boom lift with his dad when they hit a power line in everett yesterday afternoon komo's joel moreno spoke with witnesses about the accidents horrible the the crying the screaming says she still feel shaken by what she heard especially since she saw the man and his five year old son enter workplace just moments before he had asked permission he'd actually walked into the salon him and in the sun to ask to park back here to get some work done says they came into use the bathroom but went back out to the alley almost immediately next thing we know we just heard a loud noise and lost power instantly and then just heard the screaming from we now know as the child witnesses described a bright blue flash when the lift came into contact with the high voltage lines the father managed to lower the machine and medics arrived a short time later right now we don't know what they were doing in the in the boom left so that's under investigation right now the boy suffered electrical burns and showed up to the hospital in serious condition but he has since been upgraded to satisfactory the father will also be okay congresswoman susan del bene has now completed a tour of immigration detention facilities in the southern border fast families who were going through processing they were held in these these pens but together families and so they were not separated but we have thousands of children who have still been separated from their families and reuniting them is critically important this week the trump administration ended the policy of separating parents and children at the border but says there are still zero tolerance for people entering this country illegally seattle mayor jenny durkan signed a bill into law yesterday that will increase homeless shelter capacity in the city over the next three months that will allow us to move people out of tents and rv's off the street into somewhere that is safer somewhere that gives them the ability to get the services they need she says it means five hundred additional people will have access to shelter space to be paid for by a one time sale of city owned land in south lake union the mayor added that the city plans to invest seventy million dollars in affordable housing this year and in the next four years they'll be able to build forty four hundred affordable housing units the forty fourth annual pride parade will bring thousands.

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