Ten Fifteen Twenty Years discussed on AM with Michael Hart


In natural opposition to one another on every issue they get more done in parliament in the uk than we get done congress and so you know we are rapidly and let's just before we go to the back to the phones we are in a condition don't you think about this for one moment we a condition here in this country today where because of the stark opposition of both of these parties we are forcing the president and this happened under bush it's happened under obama and it's happening under under trump we are forcing them to govern by way of executive fiat to in many cases circumvent or usurp and otherwise lackadaisical congress executive orders turnover over this executive fiat flipping that promoting stopgap measures as opposed to the introduction of policy or bills or law trump is making these widespread decisions predicated on what previous administrations have done obama was executive order happy bush sign his share reagan sign his share but it's gotten worse with each subsequent administration as the opposition has grown more stark what is the end result what is the natural progression of that let's say ten fifteen twenty years down the road because any of the power as i have shared before that has gathered within the oval office stays with the oval office let's talk about the nuclear option and how the democrats wanted to implement that and then once they lost control of congress all of a sudden the nuclear options horrific and i said it's the darndest thing that liberals constantly lobby for things were antipathetic to their own best interest and then they wind bitch modem bellyache about it when the very tools that they choose to employ are used against them in a political sphere if we continue on this current trajectory where we are governing purely by executive order and because of the malfeasance of congress we will at some point morph into the clear defined status of a monarchy and guess who's responsible for that trump is he's playing the hand that he was dealt throughout history american history presidents have sought to undermine usurper dance around the tenants held in the constitution for the purposes of advancing policy and in this current environment it's gotten considerably worse and it started under obama because this is a relatively new revelation where you have where everything is now partisan we are right before very is morphine into europe and will come a time where congress one of the three branches of government will be relegated to irrelevance this just happens to be the current wick that's burning that candle so i call on republicans right and left to come to a conclusion a resolution banging on doors writing articles do in photo ops press conferences tweeting social media post is not doing these kids a damn bit of good come up with a solution but just the unbridled release of these people into a society with no home no money no destination no job no prospects is absolutely irrefutably irresponsible so democrats come up with a solution because it's not as simple is just keeping all these families in the same room which in many cases they are for the purposes of creating an optic that everything is just okeydokey put your big boy and big girl panties on and let's get the job done it cut out your damn one about it your bunch of wusses.

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