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David greene in culver city california president trump says he is going to support house republicans one thousand percent in their effort to pass immigration reform this week they are set to take up two different immigration measures and president trump met with with house republicans last night on capitol hill here's republican when carlos cabello of florida describing the president's message thank he was explicit in that he is going to support house republicans who take a risk and both for meaningful immigration but was he explicit enough we should say many republicans left feeling confused about what specific though the president might actually sign now this debate on capitol hill comes amid a furor over trump administration policy that has led to families being separated after illegally crossing the border into the united states and to cali have been covering the story from different posts npr congressional correspondent kelsey snell is in washington and npr's john burnett is in austin texas good morning to you both combining wanting david kelsey let me start with you in the situation in congress there to republican bills and i guess we should say these bills were in the work to the party was working on finding some sort of compromise on immigration before the whole issue of separation at the border really has become the firestorm.

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