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The actual policy that fixes it the south sudanese rebel leader riak machar is in ethiopia for talks with south sudan's president salva kiir to end the country's civil war it'll be the first meeting between the two men into years mr machar's flown in from south africa where he's been living under house arrest mr care is expected to join him in addis ababa for talks organized by ethiopia's prime minister abby amit tanada and row of mercy corps an age group operating in south sudan says optimism about the meeting what i'm seeing here is that after two long years of cd's self negotiations and times for the first time now the two main leaders are coming together and that has created a lot of all among the communities here and there is a lot of opened on this that ultimately peace will prevail tens of thousands of people have fled the fighting in south sudan the foreign minister of south korea angang wa said that sanctions against the north will remain in place until complete denuclearisation has been achieved miss gang said she expected to see concrete action by north korea in return for guarantees of security world news from the bbc the authorities in indonesia say they now believe at least one hundred eighty people are missing after the sinking of a ferry insa marta just eighteen survivors have been found or within hours of the ferry sinking into late tober one of the deepest lakes in the world the australian human rights commission east loans the world's first inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace the sex discrimination commissioner kate jenkins said she wanted the investigation to build on the metoo movement phil mercer reports from sydney australia's says it wants to lead the world in finding new ways to combat sexual harassment it's affected one in three australian women at work according to the human rights commission it will investigate not only possible solutions and changes to legislation but also the financial consequences of women being forced to leave their jobs because of intimidation and bullying the commission says the aim is to create a society where sexual harassment is unthinkable the israeli military says its planes have struck twentyfive targets in gaza in retaliation for a series of rocket attacks from within the territory is thirty projectors have been fired from gaza into israel seven had been intercepted survivors and relatives of nepalese and indian security guards kill two years ago in a suicide bombing while working in afghanistan assuming the canadian government in ottawa for fifteen million dollars the guards were commuting to the canadian embassy in kabul in an unarmored bus when the blast hit the case argues that the gas security was neglected by the private security contractor that hired them the australian peter thompson one of the greats of gopher has died.

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