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You investigate the claims but we're not investing that gain the clintons look at that to your crying and those video that was an asylum seeking mother so it's not maybe always possible to find the border stop to find a legal place cross but there people coming across you look into the claims if donald trump i don't know donald trump cares you the statement democrats are using this as a campaign issue no we care about this we don't want children separated especially asylumseekers i mean it's disgusting it's very idea that we have crocodile tears and then we don't care i'm gonna say jerry cares because i'm going to give you the benefit of a doubt but come on jerry i mean you know that the you saw the pictures that jon favreau the the the guy who worked on in the obama administration he sent out pictures of children in socalled cages but they were obama cages and then he said that's was during my administration you know that they have they've dealt with this issue and other administrations and that they've turned up the heat now as a campaign issue so i don't think it's unfair to say it's crocodile tears the focus upon the trump administration is prosecuting pretty much anyone democratic idea see this is the lack of bad faith if i said that donald trump didn't care about immigration and he was doing this for political reasons they would probably be wrong we'll probably care somewhat about it you know but so it's when you treat the other side is completely lacking in bad it's that's a wrong thing to do most times when people say something that's what they mean hiking i would agree that i bet you and i would agree that the president is he here he he's gets up and give speeches and says we have to solve this problem for the families but i think that trump cares more about the border he has priorities his priorities are secure the border i be compassionate second and i but he kind of admits that doesn't he yeah well he doesn't have any concern really about the families about thailand seekers i don't think he cares it all about the silence stickers i don't think he has one bit of concern tired answered we gotta go to a break but now my final question to you before we go jerry from milwaukee if this results in legislation that speeds up the asylum process like ted cruz wants a two week process and it keeps families together and they actually pass legislation would you say you know what trump's bully approach kinda worked on this one if it gets the legislation well trump does something immoral and there's something immoral or something good that would be a strange way of giving them credit hour jerry thank you we're going to go to a break jerry gave me an idea write it down for an hour in the future if doing something.

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