Relatives win injunction stopping sales of Frida Kahlo Barbie doll


West virginia battling over that state's growing drug problem republicans competing in west virginia's senate primary or fighting about who is best positioned to fight the opioid epidemic patrick morrissey the state's attorney general is taking credit for a court victory that just inspired a freshly proposed da rule which could cut down on opioid production but in washington congress cuts the checks for opioid prevention and treatment and the only candidate currently serving there is congressman evan jenkins now a fresh set of eyes on the epidemic comes from the contender fresh out of prison former coal baron don blankenship served a year on misdemeanor charges tied to the upper big branch mine disaster his ideas mirror the president's and blankenship believes jenkins and morrissey each had a chance to address opioids went elected and blewett fox's peter doocy in charleston west virginia a holocaust survivor telling antifascist rally in poland today the current polish leaders tolerate groups would not see inspired ideologies about fifteen hundred people gathering in gdansk protesting a march that far right organisations held in that city last week a win in court for the family but renowned artists over the rights to her image mexican john has blocked a company associated with us toymaker mattel from commercializing the image of artists free to kalo as it seeks to halt sales of barbie doll styled after her the dolls featuring delayed painter were launched in march the company said at the time it reached an agreement with the frida kalo corporation to make the dolls but her grand niece argues the right to belong to her and her family opposed on the family's official twitter account reads the mexico city judge has ordered the frida kahlo corporation to stop using the brand image and work of kalo without permission from the owner of the rights lisa lacerra fox news officials telling us consumers and restaurants to throw out and he's storebought romaine lettuce amid an e coli outbreak that sickened more than fifty people in several states i'm paul stevens fox news radio.

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