EU migration row boils over as Italy and France trade insults


Last president was handed the nobel peace prize this president actually going to earn a group of gop lawmakers is also backing trump's nomination for the nobel peace prize kenneth moton abc news the white house italy and france exchanged barbs as tensions over who should take in migrants rises in europe abc's megan williams with the latest from rome italy summoned the french ambassador on wednesday morning after a french government spokesperson said italy's decision to block a migrant ship now headed to spain made him vomit italy's farright interior minister matteo sereni addressed the senate here defending italy's record on saving and welcoming migrants who crossed the mediterranean sea he said italy now has one hundred and seventy thousand migrants house throughout the country will france has blocked ten thousand from trying to cross the border from italy to france megan williams abc news rome the us may be sending more troops to a country not known usually for military activity norway says it wants to increase the us military presence in its country for at least the next five years last year about three hundred us marines were deployed to norway while us military officials say the marines are sent there in order to train in cold weather conditions norway is one of several countries that have expressed concerns over possible incursions by russia norwegian government officials say there is no plan however for a permanent us base there that's bills in for reporting the world cup will come to north america but not everyone's invited for what it's worth i'm cheri preston when the us mexico and canada host the twenty twenty six world cup will the teams be bringing their hooligans with them when you think about traditional soccer hooligans right you think you'd like a big kind of drunk guy cheri preston abc news komo news time one fifty our propel insurance.

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