Mexican candidate shot dead while posing for a selfie


Is in stable condition after being shot several times at close range he was on patrol alone and on foot when he was attacked early yesterday maria via reality picks up the story we know the inherent dangerous of this profession in a desolate part of southern arizona near the mexican border alone agent investigating activity picked up by sensors was ambushed the agent was attacked by an unknown number of the sailors one of whom fires several shots at the agent in close proximity the twenty one year veteran is also a trained paramedic and treated his own gunshot wounds jim chilton owns this land and says it's often used by the drug cartels we're undoubtedly being watched right now by law cartel scouts the number of assaults on agents averages four hundred and twenty eight per year according to the fbi but under a new reporting policy border patrol says that number is dramatically higher the multiply all the variables so a two thousand seventeen incident in south texas involving six suspects seven agents and three kinds of weapons was reported as one hundred and twenty six assaults despite the reporting differences agents who drove us along the amazon border say the threat is real these guys are also scouting our partners here at the customs office for vehicles never bother you guys concerning but several suspects were picked up near the shooting scene and are being held on immigration violations but they have not been connected right now to the shooting of this agent as we said earlier the agent is in stable condition and is in good spirits john maria thank you in mexico running for office can be very dangerous video released this week shows a politician being targeted for murder here's manuel bojorquez this surveillance video shows mexican congressional candidate fernando put on posing for a selfie with a supporter after a campaign debate last friday when a man walks up from behind raises a gun and fires point blank at the back of his head bhutto and was running on an anti cartel platform which made him a target nps negra which borders texas he's now one of one hundred thirteen candidates and politicians who have been murdered in mexico just since last september we reached the current mayor of negatives sonia vieira out he says her life was threatened just yesterday not understand more of these you're not fearing them wow import game.

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