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When I get my box from Dollar Shave Club each month, I'll admit I get a kick out of the little newsletter. They include not just because it's fun casual tone, but it's also a reminder of how seriously these people take hygiene grooming. We're in kind of a transition period where it's just easier for guys to get grooming products designed with them in mind. For example, I feel like dollarshaveclub is scored big with their soaps because they don't leave you smelling all perfumey and they've been soft clean and easy. The first time I tried the amber lavender soap. I worried because it came out a little fragrant, but once I left a shower, it was almost completely gone. I happen to prefer the liquid version, but Dollar Shave Club does sell it along with their men, cedar wood in bar form as well. In fact, if you ever shower or brush your teeth and try to make your hair presentable Dollar Shave Club has a lot of stuff to help you out and all of Dollar Shave Club products are made with top-shelf ingredients that won't break your budget. You'll feel the difference plus shipping is included with. Your membership. There's really no good reason not to get everything you need delivered to your door without a thought. The other thing is before they ship you everything, they send you a little reminder Email asking if there's anything you've forgotten or if you want to add something else in. It's a great way to keep from ever running out of the things that you come to rely upon once you join dollarshaveclub and here's a great way to try a bunch of dollar shave club's products for just five bucks. You can get their daily essential starter kit. It comes with body cleanser, one wipe Charlies. They're amazing, but wipes their famous shave butter and their best razor. The six played executive, keep the blades coming for a few bucks more a month had in shampoo toothpaste or anything else you need for the bathroom. Check it all out at dollarshaveclub dot com. Slash this is war. That's dollarshaveclub dot com. Slash this, his war. Is your home ADT home ADT is the first security company to help keep you safe at home. And when you're on the go with the new ADT, go app, get ADT and help protect against break-ins fire and carbon monoxide right now for a limited time, get ADT's lowest rate starting at just twenty eight ninety nine a month from the most trusted name in home security. That's just a dollar a day. ADT. Go features include a family, locator private messaging, automatic check ins and safe driving reports. It even includes SOS button with twenty four, seven emergency response, and you get eighty. Go with the purchase of any security system. Go to ADT dot com slash podcast to take advantage of ADT's lowest rate requires thirty six month monitoring contract, early termination and installation fees, apply certain markets. Excluded. Licenses available at ADT dot com. That's ADT dot com. Slash podcast ADT tested trusted, proven. When you're a marine combat, your need for planning is limited to an almost hour by hour strategy for staying safe and getting some sleep stateside. There are so many more options than that even when you're wounded and in the hospital, Cody Jones was almost surprised about how good it felt to be back in Texas, even though it was just as wonderful as he had imagined it would be except for the part where his legs were mangled, still his wife and folks made it there even before he did, and we're waiting for him when he awoke from his first procedure, which he underwent immediately upon arrival. I mean, I was excited to see my wife that night. It was news like gift from heaven to be able to see my wife in mean heard the first night mean her talk in near like she's like, well, at least now you'll be able to see it and be born. I was like, I'll be able to see him as which is nice because before it was okay, I'm not going to be all see. My some be born. And now here I am. Thanks to me getting blown up in Afghanistan and going to be able to see most. Some people are there different bacteria in the desert of ghanistan than the American immune system is used to being exposed to as a result every few days during his recovery. Cody Jones with anesthetized for a process called a washout where they cleaned and reclaimed his wounds while healed it was a painful process nonetheless, that was made all the easier to endure because he was reunited with his wife and soon enough would get to meet a son, but there were some pressing problems with his legs and after multiple surgeries, it was clear that they were. Tough decisions ahead. There was a procedure whereby the shattered bones could be replaced with cadaver bones. Cody would be able to walk after we have, but also would without a doubt suffer from arthritis. The other option was amputation. Cody didn't love the idea, but it was something that he'd been prepared to hear since I waking up from the procedure. So after said, all that I was like, well, and the other day, and he said it was with the chronic pain. If you get chronic pain, there's possibility if you coming back in a couple of years to have any state anyway. Oh, at that point I'm sitting here going. We'll just just take the leg dock with prosthetics. I'll be able to do everything I was able to do before. I mean, something's will change, but there no point me being in pain, the rest of my life just take the league. So about a week later, they did the amputation on my left leg. And then about two weeks after that it was when I actually got discharged from the hospital the day I was supposed to get just shorts from the hospitals on January twenty ninth my birthday, but didn't have a room at the Fisher house for me and my wife available that day. They were going to have it till the next day. So I got a day pass from the hospital, which basically give me the -bility to leave base go out and town as I just had to be back in my hospital room by ten o'clock that night. My parents must sister and my wife and me and my brother. We'll go to leave to go breakfast and verte we pull in, we pulled out and I look at my, my wife and my mom was like, oh, great. Take the one legged, man, I hope for his birthday Cody was putting a good face on it, but he wasn't happy about losing his leg. How could he be? He was done being marine, which was pretty much the only thing he had ever thought of being Cody had a young pregnant wife and would have to find a different way to care for his family that didn't include serving in the military worse h- you'd be stuck in San Antonio doing rehabilitation for the foreseeable future as he was fitted for and had to learn to use his prosthetic. So after I get out of the hospital about a month after I got discharged on February twenty. Second of two thousand thirteen, my son was born and he was born five weeks early. So he was in Niki for a week. Me and my wife that whole week. Nikki, we went up there every day. Every night fed him, held him, changed him. I mean, did what we could. And then he finally came home now there was a new life to get used to domesticity that was so far removed from the day to day camp leather neck that it seemed to occur in a different universe. The couple were learning to be parents and Cody was learning to cope with one missing leg and half a foot. It was a challenge as a marine, you learn to endure and to push

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