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But set the employees identified in the inspector general report do not reflect the department as a whole over and over and over again i hear incredible stories remarkable inspiring stories about the work our men and women are doing to protect the american people and uphold the constitution the report criticized then fbi director james comey but found no political bias in the investigation a new study finds americans are somewhat fact challenge cbs's vicki barker the pew research center study found only a quarter of us adults polled could tell the difference between a factual statement in a new story and a subjective opinion the researchers also found republicans and democrats were more likely to mistake and opinion in a news story for a factual statement when the statement appeal to their side president trump is adding to the army navy airforce marines and coast guard he's directing the pentagon to create a space force as an independent branch of the military the goal to ensure american supremacy insp space or we will launch intrepid souls blazing through the sky and soaring into the heavens once more we will summon the american spirit to tame the next great american frontier it's not clear how far the pentagon can go and setting up the new space force creating a new joint military command is largely the purview of congress which would have to provide the thorny and the funding for it stocks were generally lower today the dow sank one hundred and three points nasdaq was off a.

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