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To a shooting at a senior center in southern california have been shocked gleason long beach say the shooter may have been an elderly man who decided to open fire on firefighters this is not an active shooter situation no word on the firefighters conditions at least a dozen buildings destroyed as a fast moving wildfire in northern california rages on two hundred firefighters attacking from the air while jumping on hot spots a dangerous game of whackamole your john mathis is home awards last night it sounds like one at one point the fire cutting off the main road trapping residents looking to escape that's abc's wool car the fire has spread to over seven thousand acres if you know someone who's suffering from opioid addiction there may be some relief in sight the us house on friday passed an opioid bill to expand treatment options america's rehab campuses ceo mike zippered says it's a great opportunity for people to get continued cares money that's going to be injected hopefully into.

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