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Men with keller williams realty on the michael medved show there is widespread speculation or analysis concerning the president's speech this morning which is dominating the news cycle of course as only president trump ken dominate the news cycle it is one of his great strengths but he he spoke this morning the national federation of independent business and what even some of his critics commentator like john king on cnn people of that elvis saying well this is trump trying to rally his base so that the republicans will hold the house of representatives and he won't have to spend the last two years of his first term fighting impeachment okay here's the problem with that theory president trump if he really does want to hold the house of representatives and i'm not at all sure that he cares but if he does want to hold the house of representatives for the republican party what he has to understand is that the the base that he's talking about rallying will not save the republican congressman who are endangered the congressman who were endangered who are facing the possibility of being turned out of office are representing districts where hillary clinton won they are representing districts that are swing districts that are more moderate where the approval for separating parents from children at the border is just about nil i mean really just about nil and by the way overall i mean the polling the polling is disastrous on this do do people grasp that fully twenty eight percent say that they approve of the new zero tolerance policy that's nationwide and in some of these swing districts that republicans have to win or they will lose the house which would be a disaster for the president the the way they phrased the question in this major new poll as you may know the trump administration has changed its policy toward immigrants who are detained at the us border for coming into the country illegally more of them are being criminally charged and sent to jail even if their children are with them and as a result there has been a significant increase in the number of young children who have been separated from their parents of the border and placed in government facilities in general do approve or disapprove of this and over two thirds oppose the policy at this is not a close matter and that's an if if you ask them in a more narrow sense do you think it's a good idea to separate kids at the border from their parents without the full background is cnn did in their question i think you'd get a much higher number elijah cummings who is the very partisan democrat from maryland who one of the senior members of the house and of the congressional black caucus had this to say about the president's policy listen letter after letter letter after letter asking these committees investigate trump administration's policy which is now resulting in child interment camps that's what i said chow internment camps but we've gotten no response even if you believe people enter our country illegally even if you believe they have no valid asylum claims in their own country even if you believe immigration said be halted entirely we all should be able to agree that in the united states of america we will not intentionally separate children from their parents we will not do that we are better than that we are so much better i do think that our country should be better than that i do and by the way so does the first lady of the land milania trump who sent out the public statement yesterday lindsey lindsey graham had a a very very good line he said mr president listen to your wife it would be a good idea better than listening to stephen miller or steve bannon who has also had his own sentiments about this let's go directly to your calls and to jim in new york jim you're on the michael medved show hey michael how are you i actually agree with elijah cummings amazingly because children should not be separated from their families but i disagree with the solution the solution is to keep everyone out of the united states until they can become until they can come in legally keep the families together but keep them in mexico let them apply and while they wait weather cases being processed and while they await their.

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