Sen. Bob Corker on 'Face the Nation' faults Trump for 'ready, fire, aim' family separation policy


So here's what president obama i mean president obama president trump could do about it you know he's do you realize that he is actually the boss of the doj that is that is his under his jurisdiction now he can't probably politically fire rosenstein fire mueller maybe even not even fired sessions but he can order them to release the information he can order them give an executive order to them you release the information or then i fire you you don't want to release it we'll find somebody who will 'cause now it's proven that their use of this classified excuse is wrong and it's meaningless and they're just using it as a cover up i'll tell you what this is forming to ahead and if it does if if trump and republicans play their cards right but i don't have a lot of faith in the congressional republicans but if trump plays cars writes this is going to explode right in the later latter summer and you know the elections for the twenty eighteen midterms they are in well november trying you know so that's that's very timely it's not helping these guys they are burying themselves with their own shovel it's amazing and like i say horowitz still investigating he's investigating the mueller russian deal and and their privilege now pretty much should be eliminated because they've lied about it what you lie about something the i g should be the one telling them you need to get those across or i'll you know i'll i'll subpoena i don't think he has some speed power but congress does.

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