Benghazi attack suspect Ahmed Abu Khattala’s words used against him at trial


Faced questions over her specific well and revising the controversial talking points of the two thousand twelve benghazi attacks so it looks here like we are focusing on two agencies fbi on the one hand and then stay on the other and it looks like state may have been the entryway to get into the us government to get him specifically to the fbi and then from there of course it morphed into this totally fabric a fake russia collusion scandal that then went to the cia the fbi the nsa but if you look at the dates in the timelines here it does look like like john kerry's state department was initially involved before the fbi so what does that mean where they in on it or worse certain officials aware of the fact that number one when they got this at the st where they aware that it was opposition research dirt being financed by hillary and the dnc when christie oh comes into the state department over two thousand sixteen did they know that they were briefing state department officials on information that even the fbi said that they couldn't corroborate but again was compiled by hillary donald trump's primary political opponents so i'm gonna continue full speed ahead with investigating state department's wrong here initially in the setting up what became the fbi pulled and then from there of course became what we are seeing today with a special counsel the meeting and trump tower when we come back and what in the meeting at trump tower needs to be answered if we were to put this time line together from march myth sued with popadopoulos to may downer with popadopoulos to june at trump tower judge july page in cambridge i'm john batchelor with aaron klein and breitbart jerusalem this is the john batchelor show.

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