Bridge linking Crimea with Russia opened by Vladimir Putin


This is the monocle daily live from studio one madari house in london as of tonight europe has a new longest bridge it's nineteen collaborators long in fact it costs the end of four billion dollars to build and we'll doubtless cause any number of pub quizzes to descend into riot over what the definition of europe actually is the bridge links mainland russia to crimea next from ukraine in two thousand fourteen and means that motor traffic between russia and crimea will no longer have to travel by ferry or pass through ukraine president vladimir putin opened it in person by driving a big orange truck across it joined with more on this budge on macleod a senior analyst at oxford analytica john the big question i technically speaking is is russia building this bridge even legal benz's his lawyer talking about putin works by russian laws and he you know he's never really addressed the question of the international galaxy of of his acquisition of crimea henze he won't bother to to address this issue either so what were the imperatives driving the building of this bridge which is no small technical accomplishment is it a is it an economic thing to incorporate crimea into russia result the the the statement of ownership or is it a a demonstration of of russian engineering well if we were living in normal times and you had a region like cry of crimea which was part of russia building a bridge led this grandiose engineering project would be a sort of a marvelous thing because crimea is got kind of project sure and the needs that connection but that's that's not really the circumstances in which it was built it was built.

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