Settlement reached in Eli Manning memorabilia fraud lawsuit


Governor christie always said he'd like to do it they're probably thirty or forty people in this room that might take a bet today if i let them at park operator dennis strays and at a press conference yesterday at the william hill sports bar the ocean port racetrack he said he expects betting to start that soon governor phil murphy said in a statement he's looking forward to working with the legislature to an act a law authorizing and regulating sports betting in the very near future i'm sue guzman on seven ten w o r lawsuit between three memorabilia collectors in the new york giants and eli manning is over there is a settlement in the case ally manning fans we may never know the real truth behind that ugly sports memorabilia mass three collectors accused the giants quarterback of tossing fake game worn equipment to three collectors to sell the fans did he or didn't he the collectors filed a lawsuit against manning the giants steiner sports in two equipment managers who were supposed to give up real sweaty game worn jerseys and helmets for sale us settlement has been reached a day before equipment gate was set to go to trial and to quote should not be viewed as supporting any allegations claims or defenses alice stockton rossini seven ten wwl white house spokesman ron shaw hamas is to blame for yesterday's deadly violence in gaza during a briefing he said israel has a right to defend itself dozens of palestinians have been killed in clashes with really security forces the violence breaking out after the opening of the us embassy in jerusalem this is a propaganda attempt i mean this is a gruesome unfortunate propaganda attempt i think the israeli government has spent weeks trying to handle this without violence joining us now live to talk more about it nbc radio national correspondent bills zimper i guess the violence was pretty much expected right bill yes it was they were expecting protests along the border between gaza and israel about but the number of protesters was just incredible they say as many as forty thousand protesters along that fence line that fortified fence and it wasn't long before gunfire erupted there the death toll we're told is now at sixty with over two thousand others suffering injuries as a result as for hamas involvement there's no doubt that they were involved to to some point in these protests although many many protesters were there in among those killed were.

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