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Us decision to leave the iran nuclear deal russia's deputy foreign minister has told blue bergen meeting would give diplomacy another chance he's going to tehran today to meet with iranian officials and there's been a major escalation that edges israel and iran closer to full blown conflict israel said it struck dozens of targets inside syria overnight after ron forces find twenty rockets that is rarely army targets in golan heights israel says there were no casualties on its side global news twenty four hours a day on air and take talk by twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm jan guarantee this is bloomberg markus thanks very much liana just wanna bring our listeners up to date with a story that we're following for you this morning and we've seen a craft landing at andrews air force base over in the us state of maryland we believe that this aircraft carries three detainees that have just been released by north korea after a deal with the united states donald trump and melania the first lady is at andrews as four spacer to welcome these three detainees were just expecting them to walk off the plane essentially and a little bit later on roy so expecting the us president to speak if and when he does so we will of course be going to that live a foreign policy victory here it seems for donald trump in insecure the release of these three detainees the question is whether or not this is going to lead to a feel good factor in the oncoming negotiations that will see between donald trump and also came young owned the north korean leader yeah indeed so the redcarpeted steps being wheeled to the door of that aircraft where we're expecting potentially to see these three detainees emerge they have spent between one and three years in detention in north korea a couple of them thought to be academe at pyongyang's university so we'll bring you whatever president donald trump has to say when we see him and let's get back to our guests though.

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