Stormy Daniels' lawyer: Cohen got $500K from Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg


This is a financial company that's affiliated to victor nicklesberg it's run by his cousin andrew trader and now documents that have just been posted by stormy daniels attorney michael ever nadi those documents allege that half a million dollars was paid to cone beginning in january twenty seventeen now as you may remember last month the trump administration put the oligarch viktor vecsey berg on the list of sanctioned russians for election interferes now we don't know what these payments were for we have been told that they did have a business relationship that there was a business relationship between cohen and vessel bird but the nature of that business is not no we've reached out to cone and vexed berg and have not heard back from them and of course wolf this is a pretty important development here in that we have now a situation where a russian affiliate certain financial company a russian was putting money into an account of belonging to michael cohen and what is what michael ever noddy has posted in those documents suggest that this is the same account that michael cohen was using that is the same account at least according to the documents that michael ever nadi posted hundreds moments ago one hundred thirty dollars thousand stormy daniels king of michael ever noddy and the documents he posted here's what michael ebony the lawyer for stormy daniels says knowledge is owned by this this russian national firm number one barely american company is an american see american board well look mr tired the ceo was a cousin of the russian oligarch okay that's a be my understanding is it's one hundred percent owned subsidiary of the russian entity see of all the people that could be hired for consulting advice on real estate and the like here in new york or elsewhere and there's a lot of real estate here in new york there's a lot of real estate consultants they just happen to hire the personal attorney that the president nited states who takes a half a million dollars during this time period at the same time period where the president is under intense scrutiny relating to his ties to russia no it just makes well you don't.

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